Updates! Some nuggets of SEO wisdom that you may have missed.

Hey people! It seems I’ve been spending way too much time on client work and have been leaving a number of articles unfinished.  That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped dispensing SEO knowledge though; I’ve just been sharing them on Facebook and Quora. This update post started as an idea – an idea borne from a busy (more like lazy) man. “How do I create a new article in a short time, while also providing something new to learn for the readers?” The genius answer: Grab the nuggets of wisdom that I’ve been sharing elsewhere, and share them here. These are some mini...


Guest Post: A Case Study on DIY SEO for Start-ups

The following is a guest contribution from Kevin Ng. This is not a sponsored post. Kevin Ng is the founder of ThunderQuote, a B2B services marketplace and was invited recently to speak at the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016 organised by NTUC nEbO about start-up validation and digital marketing. He will be sharing more details about SEO exclusively on SEOGoodGuys and you can also find the rest of his digital marketing slides at the end of the post. A case study for DIY SEO We often think that SEO is something that implies ‘free traffic’ but for startups, the reality is...


Top 18 Singapore Business Directories List (Updated May’16)

singapore biz directory list thumbnail

Last updated: 17 May 2016 Local business directories for early link building Here are the 18 best Singapore business directories to get listed on. These are (mostly) free channels to get traffic and links that new websites should definitely leverage on. What’s an online business directory? An online business directory is a website that contains listings of businesses categorised into their respective business activities. Most directories will provide details of a business such as name, address, contact information, and a link to the business website. Think of it like an online Yellow Pages for businesses. Although directories do not hold as much...


Update 6th May 2016: Working on a new case study

Due to client commitments and time spent on my own personal side ventures, it seems I have yet neglected to update my precious SEO blog. I’m currently working on a new article which is a case study for a recent client. As for client SEO, I currently limit myself to work on at most 2 clients a month. Limiting my clients to 2 gives me greater quality time I can spend on each of them. Part of my time is being invested in building my own web properties. When they become more successful, I might use them for new case...


My 2 cents: Improve search ranking from 2 to 1… ??

ranked number 2
SERP for his main keyword. He's at number 2.

I recently received an email from a reader who posed an interesting question. At the time, I wasn’t accepting clients, but I managed to give my 2 cents on the matter. Basically, he wanted to know how he could improve his site which was ranking at number 2 his main keyword, to the top position. I have encountered similar questions before, so I asked him (Thanks Ian!) for permission to reproduce our email conversation. I had to keep company names and keywords confidential so as to protect his identity. His words in green, mine in blue. How can I help you? Hi, I’m Ian from *confidential...