Marcus Wong, SEO Strategist – About me

SEOGoodGuys is an SEO Blog where I hope to share the importance of proper Search Engine Optimization to individuals, startups, and small business owners.

SEO is constantly evolving. As long as the search engines continue to refine their algorithm, the rules of the game will change. That is what makes SEO fun and challenging. I want to cultivate a culture that SEO should be part of the DNA of a website. I hope to create a lively community where people can talk about SEO and understand the values of practicing white hat SEO.

I named the website SEOGoodGuys because I want to do SEO like a good guy. There are a lot of areas in SEO that are grey, and some SEO companies even use black-hat techniques on their clients without their knowledge. I hope to show as much people as possible that without relying on spammy and manipulative techniques, we can still drive organic traffic naturally.

I promise to deliver great content and impeccable service to my clients, and that would always be my number ONE priority. Stay tuned to this blog if you want to watch it grow from this humble beginning to an authority site about white hat search optimization.

About me

Marcus Wong, Founder and Head of SEO for SEOGoodGuys

marcus gifYeap that’s me! (don’t judge my abilities based on this one gif please).

I was born and raised in Singapore, and for all the complaints, I really like this country. I managed to get into the Business Management course of Singapore Management University but quit school after a year to get a hands-on experience with business. I became regional sales manager of a wellness company, helped run a local Spa, and eventually stumbled upon SEO.

I started doing manual link building for other SEO companies before learning the other tricks of  the search trade. Because there really isn’t an official course in Singapore dedicated to Search Engine Optimization, much of my skills are self taught through experience and trial-and-error. I decided to put my knowledge to use for myself and others, so I started SEOGoodGuys. I am now in charge of all SEO related tasks in any project.

You can contact me if you need SEO consulting services.

(If you run a charity organisation and have a website, I can offer my SEO consulting service pro bono, no strings attached. Singapore has been good to me and I hope I can give back in some ways. I can help drive traffic to your site to get more donations or increase awareness to your cause. I’m only limited to one organisation per month, terms/conditions apply. Do ask me about it and see how I can help.)

I also spend time answering SEO related questions on Quora, so you can ask me questions there if you are a fan of Quora too.

I am also Google Adwords Certified, but since Google rolled out the new Partners program, there is no way to show you my qualifications. Doesn’t matter too much, because I don’t offer any SEM services to the public at the moment.