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Under the ‘Bad SEO’ category, you will find bad examples of SEO practices, SEO techniques, black hat SEO, and generally stuff you should avoid. I generally have a stance against black hat SEO and spammy tactics in general, so I hope I can share some of my experiences with them, and teach you how to avoid them. For business who want to protect their brand and want their website to flourish for years, you would want to steer clear of the bad SEO examples shown here.

Why these SEO Emails should go straight to spam- Part 1 – the pitch

If you have an email account, chances are you’ve gotten your fair share of spam mail. It’s also not surprising that in this day and age, having multiple email accounts is normal (I think I manage 10 accounts), so you can just imagine how much spam we have to sift through each day. Not another SEO Email spam! There’s personal email spam, and then there is business email spam. For the rest of us who own websites, we have it much worse. We get tonnes of random emails from people selling their services. Unsolicited email spam comes in the form...


4 Black Hat Techniques I learned from Local SEOs

It has been a while since I last did a blog post. I had been working on a few client’s sites as an independent SEO consultant, and was seriously bogged down by them. It was fun though, but now at least I have some time to reflect on things I’ve seen the past few days. The search industry is evolving very quickly. Methods of doing link building that were once thought to be effective were suddenly becoming less so. This made me wonder whether any of the top ranked local SEOs were using dubious optimization techniques. Grey/Black Hat Grey or...


SEO EPIC FAILS ~ My Experiences With Them

These SEO methods should stay in 2012. Epic FAIL. My first reaction when I encountered them. Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m an SEO guru by any measure, but I do know what a serious SEO “offence” is when I see one. I’ve seen these negative examples when I look at other people’s blogs, but sometimes, I can personally experience them myself. Kids, do not try these at home! (Or anywhere else actually) Link Exchange This used to be popular in the past because it was a quick and easy way to get links from others. You just had to...


5 Reasons Your MLM Site is Bound to Fail

… If You Make SEO Mistakes. Let’s get this straight.  SeoGoodGuys will not sell you any products or try to recruit anyone into an MLM business.  I’m not here to debate the MLM system, or the ethical issues behind it.  I am not saying that MLM cannot work, but I am not here to endorse it either.  I will not say that ALL MLM sites will fail. I am here to explain the technical side of why most MLM sites do not succeed. About MLM Websites MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing a.k.a Network Marketing. It is a controversial business model...


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