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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, On-Page SEO refers to factors on your own website that you can control. On Page SEO affects how well search engines crawl your site and understand your content. Some common On Page SEO factors are: HTML codes, Meta tags usage, keyword placements, and links on your own website. Because On Page SEO factors are fully in your control, you should always aim to maximise the benefits of a well optimized website. These articles will help you understand how to improve your website’s On Page SEO.

Case study: 324% surge in search traffic with On Page SEO

This is how I helped a budget constrained small business owner boost search traffic by over 300% by focusing on solving critical on page SEO problems. Client background This client that hired me last year. My responsibility was to find out how to improve the search visibility of the client’s website, and work with his in-house team to rectify problems. The client is in the private alternative education industry, in business for over 10 years. He has an in-house developer/web designer, and he handles content himself. He did not have enough budget for prolonged SEO campaign, so we opted for short 3 month SEO consultation period....


Make your blog post super SEO friendly (Step-by-step guide)

guide to make blog posts seo friendly

How to make Google fall in love with your article. Why do you need a blog post that is super SEO friendly? Well, because we all wish that every time we write a new blog post, it quickly ranks well for the main keywords, and we immediately get lots of traffic. Yes, we can share our post to social networks to get a boost in traffic, but that’s a only short term solution. Having a search optimized blog post that ranks well will help you reach audiences for a much longer period of time. This step by step guide aims to teach you how to make your blog articles SEO...


6 EASIEST Ways To Increase Blog Views With Minor SEO

So you want to know how to be the next XiaXue or Dawn Yang? I mean, they’ve racked up millions of views on their blogs to become Singapore’s top bloggers. It’s like, come on lah, it looks so easy! Step 1, look presentable. Step 2, blog about your lifestyle. Step 3, bathe in views. And then you tried it yourself. I think it’s not that easy in those beauty niches if you aren’t the most attractive person. If you haven’t noticed, this article is mainly aimed at bloggers who do not belong to a specific industrial niche. Some know you...


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