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The category holds a collection of articles that are mainly tips on how to use SEO to improve your site. If you want to learn how to use various SEO techniques to drive traffic, improve your search ranking, and gain organic visibility, these SEO tips would be perfect for you. This section would be more suited for people with beginner-to-intermediate knowledge of SEO, and running startups or small businesses.

Updates! Some nuggets of SEO wisdom that you may have missed.

Hey people! It seems I’ve been spending way too much time on client work and have been leaving a number of articles unfinished.  That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped dispensing SEO knowledge though; I’ve just been sharing them on Facebook and Quora. This update post started as an idea – an idea borne from a busy (more like lazy) man. “How do I create a new article in a short time, while also providing something new to learn for the readers?” The genius answer: Grab the nuggets of wisdom that I’ve been sharing elsewhere, and share them here. These are some mini...


Guest Post: A Case Study on DIY SEO for Start-ups

The following is a guest contribution from Kevin Ng. This is not a sponsored post. Kevin Ng is the founder of ThunderQuote, a B2B services marketplace and was invited recently to speak at the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016 organised by NTUC nEbO about start-up validation and digital marketing. He will be sharing more details about SEO exclusively on SEOGoodGuys and you can also find the rest of his digital marketing slides at the end of the post. A case study for DIY SEO We often think that SEO is something that implies ‘free traffic’ but for startups, the reality is...


8 Must have habits for successful Do-It-Yourself SEO (especially for noobs)

8 seo habit keyboard

Doing SEO yourself? Search Engine Optimization constantly evolves. To excel at SEO yourself, not only must you possess some technical knowledge, you also need to be able to produce content, do marketing, and engage in public relations. For most startups and small businesses, being budget constrained often means we have to take charge of search marketing activities ourselves. Sure, there are many guides online to teach us how to do SEO ourselves, but it is still far from an easy undertaking (which thankfully, keeps SEO consultants like me hired). Why focus on habits? You need almost no prior SEO know-how . These habits...


6 smart ways to use the Website SEO Review Reports

More uses = more value-addedness! As you already know, I have a service called the Website SEO Review, where I conduct an audit into the SEO of your website, and provide you with various reports about the health of the site. Using these reports, I come up with an SEO strategy, and detailed action plans for you to follow. The best thing about these reports is that you get to keep them, make use of them, and create new strategies YOURSELF. The Overall Report is limited to the TOP 3 strategies, but with this guide, you can think of another...


Want SEO services? 7 questions you must ask yourself first (to save money)

Your answers to these 7 questions can help you save money in the long run. So business has been slow and you are wondering whether it’s because there is no traffic to your website. Maybe you’ve talked to an SEO consultant who convinced you that the solution to your problem is to invest in SEO services. You should already know that quality SEO services can bring more search engine traffic to your site; but you should also know that SEO is a long term process. Being the ever prudent businessperson, you want to make sure money is well spent. Remember: saving...


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