How to identify low-effort/high-yield pages for quick SEO fixes

How would you like to see increases in organic traffic within weeks, instead of waiting months? Is it only a dream to get more subscribers, generate more leads, or see a rise in revenue sooner without the use of black hat SEO or massively spamming links? Whenever I talk to clients, I tend to have to manage their expectations about how fast the effects of SEO can be seen. Though I try to make clients understand that significant changes usually occur at least 3-6 months from the start of a campaign, I also know that quicker results would help them “buy-in” into my vision and...


Big list of citation sources (and links) for local SEO in Singapore

citation sources title

Want to know where to get the best Singapore citations for local SEO? Read on. If you aren’t including local SEO into your overall SEO strategy, you are missing out on one of the best ways to get locally targeted search traffic to your website. Take a look at what happened when I searched for “carpet cleaning” on Google knows my location (Singapore), and high on the SERP (search engine results page) are local listings of Singapore carpet cleaning companies.  These are verified local businesses which offer carpet cleaning services, and the way that they got so high up...


Case study: 324% surge in search traffic with On Page SEO

This is how I helped a budget constrained small business owner boost search traffic by over 300% by focusing on solving critical on page SEO problems. Client background This client that hired me last year. My responsibility was to find out how to improve the search visibility of the client’s website, and work with his in-house team to rectify problems. The client is in the private alternative education industry, in business for over 10 years. He has an in-house developer/web designer, and he handles content himself. He did not have enough budget for prolonged SEO campaign, so we opted for short 3 month SEO consultation period....


Make your blog post super SEO friendly (Step-by-step guide)

guide to make blog posts seo friendly

How to make Google fall in love with your article. Why do you need a blog post that is super SEO friendly? Well, because we all wish that every time we write a new blog post, it quickly ranks well for the main keywords, and we immediately get lots of traffic. Yes, we can share our post to social networks to get a boost in traffic, but that’s a only short term solution. Having a search optimized blog post that ranks well will help you reach audiences for a much longer period of time. This step by step guide aims to teach you how to make your blog articles SEO...


8 Must have habits for successful Do-It-Yourself SEO (especially for noobs)

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Doing SEO yourself? Search Engine Optimization constantly evolves. To excel at SEO yourself, not only must you possess some technical knowledge, you also need to be able to produce content, do marketing, and engage in public relations. For most startups and small businesses, being budget constrained often means we have to take charge of search marketing activities ourselves. Sure, there are many guides online to teach us how to do SEO ourselves, but it is still far from an easy undertaking (which thankfully, keeps SEO consultants like me hired). Why focus on habits? You need almost no prior SEO know-how . These habits...