I provide highly customized SEO solutions. I bring a personal approach to all my client work. The point of contact is me and always me – not a rep or some outsourced helper. Drop me an email or a message on Facebook to discuss if I’m the right fit for you.

The following are some of the services I provide.

SEO Consulting

Generate more sales and leads by increasing targeted organic search traffic to your website. My philosophy has always been about using SEO to improve your brand, authority, and trust. Learn more about my SEO consulting services.

LIVE Website and SEO Audit (New 2018)

For just $150, I can do an up to 2 hour live audit of the SEO health of your website via Google Hangouts. I’ll do a screen-share during the video call so you can watch as I break down the different areas of improvements for your website step-by-step. I’ll also provide the list of actionable steps that you can use to make immediate improvements to the SEO of your site.

SEO Kick-starter Package

Recommended for startups or websites that are very young, and have never undergone any SEO campaigns before. This service is meant to put in place a strong foundation for SEO, and it kickstart SEO marketing efforts. This is a more affordable option for new websites, who can start with foundation building before moving on to more ‘hardcore’ SEO once they see more revenue come in and get a higher marketing budget. (Limited slots monthly. Only for Singaporean businesses/websites.)

White Label Consulting and Advisory

Are you an agency that needs extra help with an SEO client? Need an external SEO consultant to complement your digital marketing package? I can provide my consulting services under your company’s brand, or provide behind the scenes advice for any SEO campaign.

Hands on SEO Coaching

I don’t do seminars or intense training courses that cover a wide range of topics within a few days. From my personal experience, the student doesn’t absorb enough. I prefer working hands on with a couple of students covering specific SEO topics and tasks that they should be doing in the course of an actual campaign. I’ll coach yourself and your small team through the SEO fundamentals and workflow.

SEO Audit, Review, and Strategy Report

An extensive and detailed audit which reveals areas for improvement in your website.  I provide detailed action plans and strategies for your team to follow in order to attain specific SEO goals. Learn more about my SEO review reports and what you can do with the reports.

Find out if I’m a good fit

Drop me an email and we can have a quick discussion about whether my type of SEO services are suitable for your needs. If I’m not, I’ll probably point you to the right place where you can get the proper solution for your requirements.

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