Marcus Wong, SEO Strategist

About Me, the Founder and SEO Strategist

I was born and raised in Singapore, and for all the complaints, I do enjoy it here. I managed to get into the Business Management course of Singapore Management University but quit school after a year to get a hands-on experience with business. I became regional sales manager of a beauty/wellness company, helped run a local Spa, and eventually stumbled upon SEO and online marketing.

I started doing manual link building for other SEO companies before learning the other tricks of  the search trade. There really isn’t an official course in Singapore dedicated to Search Engine Optimization, so much of my skills are self taught through experience and trial-and-error over 6 years. I enjoy helping smaller businesses, startups, and even fellow internet marketers because my help feels most significant when I see their success.

I decided to put my knowledge to use for myself and others, so I started SEOGoodGuys. I am now in charge of all SEO related tasks in any project.

You can contact me if you need SEO consulting services.

You can also find me on these social sites: Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Google+

(If you run a charity organisation and have a website, I can offer my SEO consulting service pro bono, no strings attached. Singapore has been good to me and I hope I can give back in some ways. I can help drive traffic to your site to get more donations or increase awareness to your cause. I’m only limited to one organisation per month, terms/conditions apply. Do ask me about it and see how I can help.)

I also spend time answering SEO related questions on Quora, so you can ask me questions there if you are a fan of Quora too.

Stay up to date with all my latest SEO tips and guides by subscribing to my newsletter. The articles I write are usually more targeted towards local SMEs, startups, and Do-it-Yourself types.

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About SEOGoodGuys

SEOGoodGuys is my SEO Blog where I post about SEO (usually with a local spin) and share a little bit of knowledge (when I’m not busy working on actual client work as a SEO strategist or working on my own projects). My time is mainly spent on helping my clients get more sales and leads by using specific strategies to increase the amount of organic search traffic going to their website.

My SEO agency is registered in Singapore under the name Neetclick LLP (T14LL2232A). However, most people know me from SEOGoodGuys, and so I use it as that as my business name more often.

If you are new to SEO, start with my section on Understanding SEO. 

When I first named the website SEOGoodGuys, it was because I want to “do SEO like a good guy”. That was me, being a little naive. I thought I was being ‘good’ because I used quote-unquote “white hat SEO methods”. Turns out there isn’t any official definitions, rules or laws that separate “White Hat SEO”, or “Grey Hat SEO”, or “Black Hat SEO”. Depending on who you ask, the line between them varies from thin, to non-existent.

I have my own style and philosophy. I prefer to focus on Accessibility, Brand, Trust, and Authority – maximizing SEO’s potential for long term ROI. Some might say I fall within the spectrum of.. “White Hat”. Some might even refer to me as a “white hat SEO consultant”.

If you want to how I can help you get more traffic and sales, simply drop me a message.

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