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General SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

You will find the answer here.

Do I still need SEO if my site is already doing very well on search engines for my main keywords?

This is like asking a healthy person whether they still need to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Of course they do! Similarly for SEO, you will ALWAYS need to be on top of your SEO game. Competitors aren’t lazying around doing nothing, market trends can always change, and Google regularly updates their search algorithm. Search habits can change over time, meaning people may search for your services using different keywords. Long tail keywords that are not targeted also account for significant search volumes. Do not ignore those!

What should I do for SEO if I am only running a personal blog without a specific theme?

Here are 6 simple SEO tips for personal blog owners.

About SEO Services

Do I need SEO services?

99% of the time, yes. Though not every website needs to spend on SEO services, SEO is still important to most other online businesses (especially startups).

I want to do SEO, but I barely have any budget at all. I don’t want to  take the risk with low quality SEO packages, but what other choice do I have?

Unfortunately, you can’t always have the best of all worlds. You can learn SEO yourself from this extremely helpful beginner’s guide to SEO. With the knowledge, you might be able to identify the tasks you can accomplish yourself. You can also make use of the plentiful  free SEO tools in the market, many of which I personally use.

What should I take note of before I hire any external SEO contractors?

First decide if it is the right time to hire an SEO, and what kinds of services you really need. Here are 7 ways you can save money if you are still deciding. Once you have asked yourself the right questions, it is now turn to ask the SEO agency the right questions. Make sure they are trustworthy, and that they explain clearly what they will be providing for you. Avoid agencies that give ‘first page’ guarantees, and definitely look out for companies that use black-hat SEO techniques.

What is Holistic SEO?

Holistic SEO is our approach to SEO. I believe strongly in the merits of SEO – it is a great marketing channel for long term ROI. However, I don’t believe that SEO should be practiced in a void and that SEO is all about manipulating search engines without regard to actual users. SEO is only a part of an entire business’ marketing strategy, and there should be synergy. Holistic SEO is about putting the brand and customers first, and making decisions that will benefit brand and customers as a priority.

The philosophy is, if we make it a priority to bring value to users first, SEO benefits will follow along. Additional benefits like gaining brand recognition, brand loyalty, and market leader positioning will also be felt.

Do you guarantee results?

No. I don’t guarantee keyword rankings, I don’t guarantee traffic gain, and I don’t guarantee sales. If you are adamant about generating specific ROI or keyword ranking goals within 6 months, then I would say that SEO is not for you.

You would be hard pressed to find any marketer in any form of marketing that would be able to guarantee specific results.

However, I would be able to give you quite accurate estimates of ROI in terms of traffic and conversions IF:

you have good historical tracking data in place (more than a year of website traffic metrics)
you have historically tracked your website conversions accurately
if you are very clear in your objectives, and understand that SEO is about the long game.

Why I don’t guarantee results

1 . Search engines – notably Google – tweak the ranking algorithm on a daily basis. Rankings fluctuate daily out of anyone’s control. Google can make big changes without informing anyone, and it can take months before the SEO community learns how to deal with changes.

2. Search demand can change at a moment’s notice. Search volume can change due to seasons, trends, new products, new competitors, new searcher behaviors. Ranking number 1 every month does not mean getting the same traffic every month.

3. We can’t control what competitors do. Your top competitors have their own SEO teams and they will react to you. Unless you are willing to increase the marketing budget according to competitors’s actions, there is no guarantee you’ll always be on top. Competitors can also steal your strategy, falsely flag your website, and perform negative SEO on you to affect your rankings.

4. There are too many factors which can influence a campaign progress, ie unforeseen circumstances, delays, resistance from the client’s own team, office politics and bureaucracy can hinder progress, etc.

When should I stop doing SEO? Or, should I stop?

Read this article that helps explain things. Should you stop doing SEO?

Why is SEO so expensive?

This is an article that I made in 2014 in which I tried to explain why SEO costs can run up. SEO has evolved further since then, and prices have actually risen due to how complicated SEO has become. However, the gist of the article is still true. Read more about why SEO can seem expensive here.

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