Link Building Strategy

Why build links?

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you should be familiar with the concept of link building. As you should know, link popularity is an integral factor of how search engines like Google deem whether your site is popular and trustworthy on the web or not. The logic is, when you have awesome content, other people and sites on the internet would want to link to it.

In a nutshell:

“Awsome sites create awesome content which attracts links. Search Engines use the number of links that point back at the site to tell how awesome that this site is and awesome sites rank higher on Search Engines.”

Of course, this is a much simplified explanation of how Search Engines get all judgmental on your website. In fact, there are probably more than a hundred factors that contribute to whether a site gets into Google’s good books. However, this does not change the fact that Link Metrics ranks high in many Search Engine’s ranking algorithm.

“But if content is king, and people would want to link to my awesome content themselves, why do I still need to do manual link building?”

Even though you have compelling content, it does not mean people on the net are able to find it. On-Page Optimization helps search engine understand the content of your page, but you do need manual link building to help grow the initial traffic. Think of the links that you create as bread crumbs that help guide potential users to your site.

Good Guys Build Good links NATURALLY

I already know that there are plenty of bad guys creating bad links and posing them as white hat techniques. You might have seen such services being touted below and while not all of them are bad, many of them do look really suspicious:

    “Buy backlinks! – $50 for 500 links
    “We submit your site to 100 directories”
    “We submit your site to 100s of social bookmarking sites!”

There is a great article from Moz that shows the types of link spam to avoid. Moz is one of the leading authorities on SEO on the web, and you should check them out too!

I have my own strategy pertaining to link building. I put your users and your brand at the forefront, and therefore our link building strategies are mainly focused on building links the way you would do yourself.

Link Building Strategy

Manually building links is not a sustainable process. Google is also clamping down on various link building methods that have worked in the past. Press releases, link exchanges, buying links, and even guest posting used to work really well – not so much now.

What we need is a link building strategy that will help you attract links now, and in the future.

Things to expect:

  • Discussion of your brand and which link building strategy would be best suited for you
  • Discover creative ways of earning links that are not focused heavily on one single traditional method

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