SEO consultant duties and responsibilities

When you are looking for a Singapore SEO consultant, do you know what they should do for you? An SEO consultant should go far beyond just “make me appear on Page 1”.

What should a SEO specialist do for you.

A modern SEO specialist should know that one of the worst ideas is to make the keyword ranking of a few keywords the cornerstone of an SEO campaign. I personally like to focus on holistic SEO. It combines the traditional technical side of SEO, with content, branding, and social aspects. These are what you can expect out of me if you hire me as your SEO strategist.

1) Identify key areas of improvement

The first thing that a good SEO expert should do is to accurately identify what is holding your website back from achieving the goals you want. This means doing a thorough breakdown of your site, and subsequent analysis of the top competitors in your niche.

Knowing your own weaknesses and your competitors’ strengths, the SEO consultant can lay out a strategy to get you to where you want.

2) On site and Technical SEO analysis

The SEO consultant should ensure that the website has been technically optimized to attract and engage your target audience. He will recommend changes to website architecture, content, links, code, meta data, and other factors to improve the On Page SEO.

He will create the necessary website architecture, also known as website silos, to distinguish themes on your website. This helps search engines and users navigate and understand different sections of the website.

During development phase, or if a website redesign is needed, the consultant will work with the development team to ensure SEO best practices are followed. You’d be surprised at how many web designers today still don’t have a clue about designing a site that is search friendly.

After the website analysis is completed, I will usually build systems and protocols internally that ensure all content is optimized across all platforms and user experiences (websites, mobile, social, video, blogs, retail portals etc). What this means is I will create a guide based on the CMS you are using, which teaches you how to upload content that is automatically search optimized.

3) Develop a long term content strategy

You know content is important for long term traffic growth, but do you know what kind of content will bring the greatest SEO returns? I work with editorial and marketing teams to drive content creation and content programming, to ensure targeted traffic arrives at your site and converts.

4) Develop and implement link building strategy

Link building does not mean I push a button, and links get built. Quality links that build your authority has to be earned, and I will help you develop strategies to earn links naturally. A good SEO specialist will also research and analyze competitor links to find easy link sources that you can target too.

An integral part of a long term link building strategy is finding ways to form relationships with other websites in your niche. I can work with your PR team to identify outreach and public relations targets.

5) Develop strategies that build trust and reputation of a brand

With Google placing more emphasis on the trust and reputation of a website, it becomes paramount that your SEO campaign supports that. A good SEO consultant will promote both off-site and on-site activities, and also the community interactions and social strategies that build up the branding of a business.

6) Monitor changes

An SEO specialist should keep up to date with the latest changes in the SEO landscape. Whether it is latest SEO techniques, Google algorithm changes or any new kinds of penalties, the SEO must stay one step ahead for himself and his clients.

One additional responsibility that SEO consultants today have to face are negative SEO attacks. Negative SEO attacks occur when someone deliberately sends thousands of low quality spammy links to your website, hoping that Google will penalise your site because of all the bad links. Such an attack can cripple your website’s rankings for months, even years. Small businesses who do not have the resources to deal with the negative SEO often suffer huge losses over time. You need someone to keep track of when such attacks happen, and help you get out of potential penalties.

7) Goal settings and performance tracking

Lastly, you need to know whether your SEO efforts are meeting business objectives. Your consultant should help set performance indicators for SEO that everyone understands and which complement overall marketing and business objectives. He should be competent in the tracking, analyzing, and reporting of website analytics.

If you need someone who can do all these for you, consider speaking to me about how we can work together.