Top 20 Singapore Business Directories List (Updated 2018)

Last updated: July 2018

Singapore business directories for early link building

Here are the 20 best Singapore business directories to get listed on. These are (mostly) free channels to get traffic and links that new websites should definitely leverage on.

What’s an online business directory?

An online business directory is a website that contains listings of businesses categorised into their respective business activities. Most directories will provide details of a business such as name, address, contact information, and a link to the business website. Think of it like an online Yellow Pages for businesses.

Although directories do not hold as much authority as they did in the past (most directories today are just filled with junk links), there are still some benefits to getting listing on a Singapore business directory.

  • Most consumers prefer the use of search engines to find a local business, but there are businesses who use directories to locate all businesses in a given industry. Traffic from directories are thus highly targeted.
  • Most Singapore business directories are human edited, and there is a level of editorial discretion for submissions. Thus, these directories have higher trust and authority than your average web directory.
  • You can get some relevant links from local directories related to your niche quite easily. Perfect for a new website’s early link building strategy.

What you need to know first.

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by the people at Moz. Basically, higher DA score = higher trust and authority score given to the domain on a whole.

Google PageRank (PR) is also given. It’s a score (out of ten) given by Google to websites to mainly judge the importance of a website based on quality of links. It can be outdated, and it isn’t as highly regarded nowadays due to how easily it can be manipulated. *update* Google has stopped supporting PageRank, so the figures are severely outdated.

Alexa Ranking is a score given by web traffic company Alexa. It tries to rank websites on the internet based on traffic. The lower the number, the higher the traffic. Not very accurate, but useful as a gauge. *Update* When I updated the Alexa rankings of the directories, every single one of them fell in the rankings. It just shows how directories on a whole are losing traffic to other websites on the internet.

nofollow is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of a HTML link to instruct some search engines that the link should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. Basically, if it says Yes below, it means the link will not pass PR to your website. It’s recommended to get a good mix of follow and nofollow links.

pa stands for per annum, and ot stands for one-time. Personally, I’d advise against paying directories because the ROI is seldom worth it. You will notice that the price for a YellowPages listing is high, so you might want to avoid that if you have a limited marketing budget.

The list

Directory NameCostnofollow?PRAlexaDA
Singapore Yellow Pages*Free* (basic)611836154
SME Toolkit SingaporeFree54008655 (now known as Smart Expat)Unsureyes41458355
Singapore Business FederationStarts at S$321*  pa665897956
Singapore ExpatsUnsure54631649
AsiaXpat Singapore (Not a business directory anymore)NA2na49
The Green BookFreeYes510309642
eGuide SingaporeFree4na38
Singapore Mirror (Dead)Free366166140
Singapore.Yalwa.sgFree* or $4.95 per monthYes463889229
Times DirectoriesUnsure4134249032
Directory Singapore$119paYes3na7* (bad) (Formerly BusinessList)FreeYes3na18

Other online business directories you can try (some at your own risk):

I can’t really vouch for the quality of the following Singapore directories. You can explore and sign up for the free accounts if you like. The Singapore branch of this international general business directory. Quite a large directory, and it is free.

Shop Venture: An online directory for online businesses in Singapore. This one looks good, has a good social following, and is highly up-to-date.

SGPBusiness: Another online directory. This one has a bare-bones, no frills feel to it. It does seem rather low quality (I personally haven’t tried), so try at your own risk.

Singapore-Business-Directory: Rather generic name for a generic business directory. This site feels like an old school directory. It’s free and the links are followed. The same company that probably created this directory also probably owns (another directory).

(There are actually more Singapore business directories out there but they look increasingly low quality and generic. Do a simple Google search to find them if you really want to submit your listing onto them.)

Update: If you want more sources to get good local links, check out my latest articleBig list of citation sources (and links) for local SEO in Singapore

I hope this list has been helpful for you. If you know of any other high quality business directories that should be included, do tell me.

Extra notes for directory use

1. The cost, nofollow, PR, Alexa ,and DA figures are accurate on May 2017. These figures are known to change, so if you find any changes, feel free to let me know.

2. These are general business directories. You can find additional local web directories that are more closely related to your niche by searching [your niche] + [directory Singapore]. By warned though. While niche directories may be more relevant, a lot of them are very low quality and filled with spammy links. Some of them also require a monthly/yearly fee to remain listed – which I think is usually not worth it.

3. Links from directories are good-to-get links because they are quite contextual and mostly free. However, they should only form a small part of your overall link building strategy. Invest time and money into more organic link and content strategies for significant long term benefits.

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I've been nerding out on SEO since 2011. I mainly help Singapore SMEs with traffic and revenue growth. Also founded Neetclick, a digital growth platform.

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