Update 6th May 2016: Working on a new case study

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Due to client commitments and time spent on my own personal side ventures, it seems I have yet neglected to update my precious SEO blog. I’m currently working on a new article which is a case study for a recent client. As for client SEO, I currently limit myself to work on at most 2 clients a month. Limiting my clients to 2 gives me greater quality time I can spend on each of them.

Part of my time is being invested in building my own web properties. When they become more successful, I might use them for new case study articles.

The case study should be out within a week (fingers crossed). The idea for this case study came from a Facebook status I posted awhile ago. Spoiler: the client saw a 300% improvement to traffic within 6 months, and enjoyed historically high visitor numbers. Subscribe to my blog to get updates on when I publish the article.

Marcus Wong

Marcus Wong is the SEO Strategist for SEOGoodGuys. His experience comes from personally creating SEO strategies and executing campaigns for over 150 SME businesses since 2011.

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